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Meet our

Sandra a busy executive

Sandra works as a regional director for a leading supermarket. She has a busy and hectic life-style and lives on a brand new housing estate. Her garden space was soul-less and a complete blank canvas. She asked the No. 1 Ladies Gardening Agency to create a haven of peace and tranquillity in the form of an all white garden.


Felicity had Greater Bindweed that was playing havoc in her borders. She also wanted her herbaceous border to have maximum longevity. We re-vamped and extended the life of her borders by seasonal and colourful planting.

Carol wanted her garden to look as good in Winter as it did in Summer. She wanted architectural evergreen plants that could be viewed from her kitchen window and provide her garden with a structured look. This is exactly what we gave her.

Sandra's Garden:

Felicity's Garden:

Carol's Garden:

What our client's say


Desborough "With all the different plant names I didn't know where to start. The No. 1 Ladies Gardening Agency designed and planted my garden for me."


Northampton "I have a small garden in Northampton and I am of pensionable age. I didn't want a garden that required a lot of maintenance. Therefore, I called in the No. 1 Ladies Gardening Agency."


Overstone "My garden needed a tidy and clean up. I thought that this would be too small a job for the No. 1 Ladies Gardening Agency. But to my surprise they came and did a wonderful job; I was not disappointed. Well done!"

Helen's Garden.
Hedging, shaping & cutting back shrubs, that's what Helen required. We reduced the height of the hedge by a third, & removed all the dead wood & tidied Helen's garden.



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