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We are affordable. Click & see above offer!

Please contact us to book a consultation.

Please contact us to book a free consultation.

For a small nominal fee we will provide an initial consultation. It gives the No. 1 Ladies Garden Agency an opportunity to discuss your wish list.

All packages are tailored to your budget and needs.

1. Basic Package:
We assess your needs via the compilation of our garden check list. This will also include a review of your soil and your garden’s future growing potential.Tailoring your needs with a gardening plan.

2. Once a Year Package:
1 visit per year to check the conditions of your plants. Advise on replacements or additions to your out door space.

3. Grow Your own Package:
Advice on the suitability of your selected growing patch, its orientation and how to get started.


4. Design Package:
Development of a sketch plan. Agreement of plan and materials to be used in line with agreed budget.

5. All Year Round Package:
All year round maintenance i.e. pruning, weeding and general advice on your garden. Email us and tell us your requirements and we will tell you the rates.

6. Holiday Garden Care Package:
Leave your garden in our safe and expert hands when you go on holiday. The frequency of the visits will be up to you. Prices start from £22.50 (within 25 mile radius of Northampton).

7. Fence painting & Patio Cleaning Package:
Restore your hard landscaping to its former glory and transform the appearance of your garden boundary fences.


These packages from 1-3 are



No.1 Ladies Gardening Agency