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Doreen from Great Oakley

The Brief

To design a cottage garden border, one that will allow for future development by the client.


Four stage process.

1. Design and agreed budget.

2.  Digging, cutting & shaping flower borders.
3. Organically rejuvenating the border area.

4. Planting programme; all above works accomplished in one day.

Result A New Garden

"I would never have believed that I could have a garden as lovely as this! I've always wanted a cottage garden border and now thanks to Carol at the No1 Ladies Gardening Agency I have one. I didn't want a completely stocked garden but wanted to put my stamp and personality on the garden over the years.

I've joined a local garden club to help me do this.

Create Spaces

Wouldn't it be fabulous if women could talk to someone on their own wave-length, feel at ease with ideas and creative thoughts, expressing their likes and dislikes and how they saw their garden developing over time?

No. 1 Ladies Gardening Agency believe design success comes as a result of collaboration and communication.



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Sandra's garden

Great Oakley

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