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Improve the biodiversity of your garden and attract more birds, butterflies or natural predators against pest to your garden.

Advice on supplementary planting for year round garden interest.

Ideas of how to make your garden less work intensive.

What We Can Do for You?

What can the No.1 Ladies Gardening Agency do for your outdoor space? 

1. Re-design and plant for a small herbaceous (continually flowering) border. 

2. Help you maintain a relationship with your garden, its plants names and how to take care of them. 

3. Want to set up an organic kitchen garden? The No. 1 Gardening Agency team of ladies can help. 

4. We can also revitalise or replant a garden with a new planting scheme.



No.1 Ladies Gardening Agency

Create a cutting patch so that you can grow your own cut flowers for the garden.

Create raised beds so that you can grow your own vegetables.

All year round maintenance i.e. pruning, weeding and general advice on your garden.

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