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So many ask us at the No. 1 Ladies Gardening Agency how to start the process of growing their own vegetables and need a knowledgeable enthusiastic gardening company to get them going.

We can show you how to grow your own organic produce, pesticide free, whilst at the same time feeling at one with nature? We wont just help you design your own patch, we will hold your hand and guide you through the pests and diseases that want to invade your garden menagerie.

All the photographs on this website were all taken from our No. 1 Ladies garden portfolio. It demonstrates how passionate we are about our gardens and their presentation. No Google downloaded images here, just No. 1 Ladies Garden productions taken by our in-house photographer.

Don’t be daunted just contact our garden designer to book an initial consultation to help you and your family take the next step in growing your own seasonal vegetables and herbs.

The Good Life!

Home Grown


No.1 Ladies Gardening Agency

Planting seeds and growing vegetables. Try growing your own we are here to help you do it. With a little encouragement you can grow your own.

Sequence shows home made composting